mY aRT In pRiNT

Finally, after two weeks of very little sleep, a crashing computer, 8 hours approx work per piece to render and modify for print, my artwork has finally gone on the global market!!!!

This is only round one! These took forever to get setup / configured, so enjoy what pieces are available for now… the rest will follow eventually when I expand into additional portfolios!

If you enjoy the little images of my work posted in Facebook… wait until you see what they look like at 35 x 18 inches!!! ^_^

This marks one monumental step for me in which I cannot fully put into words, so just know that I am beyond excitement, gratitude, and personal satisfaction…. I’m in that Groovy world only my own spiritually can hope to comprehend…. and I thank you all for making it an enjoyable ride……:

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Once again thanks for the encouragement, assistance, and for the love of the little things. May my art inspire for many years to come.

Peace and best regards to all,

Chris Darroch Biggs



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