After many years of helping people overcome the limitations preventing them from achieving their dreams I began to realize that most people truly cannot make the required evolutionary leaps necessary to break through to the next level on their own.

I perform many different types of services, and even have programs designed to help numerous people at the same time, but overall there is nothing more effective than a personal, one-on-one coaching session tailored around one’s individual needs.

That is why I designed…

got groove power hour

The “Got Groove Power Hour” is your chance to really take your life to the next level, and fast! It helps you become razor-edge-aligned to your desires by helping you live life authentically so you can effortlessly achieve your dreams.

Here’s how it works… I have a natural ability to coach / consult across numerous fields, so whatever is in the way I can help you overcome it through a combination of these necessary focal points…


The New Age Philosophical Evolution:

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As we move into this new age, the efforts of many will come together as One to co-create a better tomorrow. The philosophy behind Spinning Blue Planet (my main corporation) is to assist people with the shift from the old paradigm (masculine energies) and into the new paradigm (divine feminine, balanced energies).

What this means is that the old way of seeing the world as a material, “up for grabs”, limited resource-based system of business, religion, government, etc, is horrifically limiting us. The shift into the new paradigm means that we are connecting better from personal Spiritually, allowing us to get down to the really important matters… that of sustainability, conscious community, overcoming our conditioned “lack” mentality, and redesigning how we go about relating with each other.


Finding and Maintaining Your Natural Flow:

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What is the Groove?

“The GROOVE is the natural flow of oneself; one’s true essence when everything about the self (all its instincts, wisdom, knowledge, behaviors, and uniqueness) flows in natural purity, such that there is no hindrance, no holding back, no second guessing, no ignorance, no naïveté, no prejudice… just a natural oneness with the world and one’s place in it.

When one is in the GROOVE, the flow of everything positive – from flawless speech, impressive actions, fluid physiology, and euphoric breathing, to utilizing a whole-brain mental state at any desired moment – comes naturally.

Simply put, the GROOVE is everything that would define one as being in “tune” with oneself and one’s surroundings. This tuned, harmonic, acoustic, resonating nature is a treasure all human beings tend to seek, either consciously or subconsciously. If one has experienced a snippet of such a state of being before, there is now a deep desire for more and to remain in that state.”


The key here is in discovering your true, gifted, life purpose by examining your INDIVIDUALITY. Everything else must become aligned with this unique Groove of yours, allowing you to design the perfect lifestyle necessary to achieve anything you set out to achieve.


Limitations Healing:

crystal clear

Oftentimes we are limited by the unseen, as in beliefs and conditionings we’ve grown into throughout life. This can be deep fears, regrets, unforgiven people, and so on. Despite our efforts, our conscious and subconscious minds do their best to prevent us in any way shape or form from living authentically, peaceful lives. If you don’t remove or convert these blockages into something more fulfilling towards your purposes then they will always be present, doing their damage… and usually without you even knowing!

Crystal Clear success coaching / limitations healing is all about locating these blockages and effectively removing them using numerous techniques. Consider it guided evolution!


Managing All Areas of Your Life:

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We oftentimes get so overwhelmed in life that it tends to hinder any forward progress we try to make. This can include managing relationships, your career, business, large / small projects, and even our own personal health. How can one balance all areas of their life when they become overwhelmed within a certain area? There’s a snowball effect that occurs… so when one area of your life is out of alignment, the rest are sure to follow.

Groovy Project Management coaching helps you incorporate your busy life into the required lifestyle necessary for achieving your dreams.


Becoming An Attraction Marketing Expert:

attraction-fullAims at breaking down the old paradigm of business and communications by focusing on allowing you to live your purpose through passion while contributing in the new paradigm.  I provide a refreshing insight into the future of business by aligning you with your personal loves and interests, and in doing so, effortlessly attracts the right audience. Attract instead of mass-broadcasting!

My expertise in this field spans across pretty much everything out there, including… business consulting, branding, marketing / advertising, product development, product launches, business review / analysis, positioning, client / customer acquisition, stock images, the public domain, legal, self-publishing, website design, website hosting, blogging, SEO, affiliates, copywriting, list building, tribes, graphics design, fund raising, joint ventures, network marketing, social media, video / filmmaking, webinars / teleseminars, computer programming, marketing funnels, and much more!

I’ve been playing the online game since 1995!


Infinite Possibilities:

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The art of allowing is truly a magical way of going about life. When you are in tune with yourself, the Universe, and your Spirituality, you’ll tap into a way of existing, which, magnetically attracts everything you desire.

Through meditation (guided if necessary), and upholding a harmonious love of all things, the world and life becomes your playground. Anything is possible!

I’ll help you tune into the right vibrational frequencies so that you can follow your own “Spirit Signs” throughout life, guiding you along the right path. Everything else simply falls into place with ease.






Each 1 Hour Session costs $77, to be paid via PAYPAL before the meeting.

Skype only sessions can be recorded for your future reference.









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