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    Meranda Squires Owner of The Lotus Centre
  • "Thanks Chris! You've really put together an awesome book! The wisdom you share is very inspiring, and I totally 'get' the Groove... because I've been there before, at different stages of my life... it's that in-tune balance, where everything in your life seems to flow impressively and effortlessly. But I've never really understood all of the important aspects as clearly as I do now having read your book. Thanks man, I really enjoyed and appreciated it! Also, I've already started to put your 'Groovy Project Management' book to good use. It's incredibly in-depth and I'm sure will be a key component to the success of all my future projects! Even though this book comes as a free bonus when investing in the Groove... in my opinion it is worth the cost of the entire program all on its own!"

    Andy Pratt Fitness Transformation Coach - Newfoundland, Canada
  • "Chris Darroch Biggs has written an amazing little book! It is a simple, but profound book on how to make life and living a glorious adventure. There is a mountain of wisdom and practical help in the pages of this volume. I started reading it one evening and couldn't stop until the final page was completed. Read it and grow!"

    John Harricharan Best Selling and Award Winning Author - USA
  • "I am blown away by this site! Chris' work resonates with my Soul and I am telling people about it. With regards to The Groove, what a brilliant bit of life-altering literature! To absorb and act on the wisdom Chris delivers in this work will surely transform dreams into a state of being. His writing and guidance makes it so easy to grasp. I do believe that all who read The Groove WILL benefit! Thank you, Chris for sharing this gracious gift with the world! With LOVE and wishing you ALL of EVERYTHING, Jeannine."

    Jeannine Sanderson Author of Messengers of an Uncommon Fashion - Canada
  • "You, Bud, are a great writer with a dynamic vision and understanding of how we should live life for the greater good of all! WHAT A BOOK, The Groove, by Chris Darroch Biggs!"

    Jason Firmani Author of Living Life on Lifes Terms - Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
  • "I always commend and respect people like you. While many others work to enrich themselves... u go out of your way to make other's dreams a reality. That's great! Keep up the good work, Chris... God's your strength!"

    Oluwadamilare Idowu Public Relations Advertising - Lagos, Nigeria
  • "Chris is a born leader who can inspire people to rally behind a cause and really make a difference."

    Uwe Korecs Switzerland
  • "The Groove is a perfect combination of technique and freedom to transform any Soul into a feeling of empowerment and control of their lives. Chris has shared and brought the realness back home to what really matters; guiding us to clean-up our inner house, removing all the dust and greasy residue build-up. He is a fabulous Soul, with the excitement and passion to BE The Groove! The Groove is phenomenal because it is created by someone phenomenal enjoying the ride!"

    Maia Pollan Author of Echoes of a Star Traveler - Montreal, Canada
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    Dr. Joe Marshalla Author of Repeatlessness - USA
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    Atitsogbe Sylvester VARAS.org Executive Director - Ghana, Africa
  • "Recently I've been studying several major philosophies in order to regain my momentum in life, including Christianity and secret societies. Chris Biggs puts it perfectly when he says that I'm trying to get back into my Groove. His book very succinctly states much of what I've already learned, plus more, and puts it in terms that are clear and practical, without any Cult-ish overtones. It greatly compliments everything that I've studied, serving as a foundation. I highly recommend it as a basis for getting back into one's life's GROOVE!"

    Brad Trivers Political Candidate and Muscian - PEI, Canada
  • "Biggs: Keep that Blue Planet Spinning! What this Rock needs is more Groove!"

    Ron Spooner Artist / Animator - Ottawa, Canada
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    Victoria Genge Supervisor - Newfoundland, Canada
  • "Thank you for such an uplifting new insight! It's just what I've needed after struggling to survive the last three and one-half years in 'Sili-GONE Valley'."

    Guy LeSage USA
  • "Dear Chris, I found your book most interesting and enlightening! Thank You!"

    Gail USA
  • "Thank you for this book! I'm unemployed at this moment so I know this is going to help me a lot. You know, right now I feel more relaxed with your help, because it looks like somebody around the world still cares about friendships. Thank you again!"

    Victor Montes USA
  • "Chris! How ya doin man? Grooving I can imagine. I have since moved to Alberta and just recently I was talking with a friend I met up here. I mentioned your book 'Gettin back into the Groove'. I gave the gift of the ebook you gave me to friends home that needed to hear the message. I also think that there are a lot of people in this province who as well need to experience The Groove. I was hoping you could help me in doing that? I will spread your words with as many people as I can. I hope all is well with you and your life. Take care, have fun and always be Grooving! This town definitely needs it!"

    Travis Drake Salesman - Alberta, Canada
  • "I'm at page 30 so far and your book is remarkable! I started off editing, did that for maybe the first 9 pages and said the heck with it and just read through. WOW! I'm rather speechless and greatly impressed. It's come together wonderfully so far and I look forward to finishing it tomorrow. I LOVE THE WAY YOU MELD THE SECTIONS TOGETHER. GREAT WAY OF INTRODUCING THEM! Many of the things you wrote struck chords within me and I was left here thinking about them. Some other things simply made me go 'Yeah, I definitely need to change that', and it certainly instills the want to do so. As you know, I was skeptical at first, as I am with just about everything, but happily, I'll be a groupie from now on. It is something I could certainly see myself coming back to - to be reminded of why certain passages made me want to change or improve certain things and aspects of myself."

    Natacha Losier University student and co-editor of The Groove book - Ottawa, Canada
  • "Hi Chris, I couldn't help thinking, when I was reading your email, how 'coach-like' you appear! :) And I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but you are wasting your talents if you don't take things a step further! Next time you think of stretching yourself, consider becoming a professional coach - you have a lot to offer people and you seem to have a burning desire to do that. I know coaches 'out there' who don't have half your compassion and caring. I hope you don't think I'm being pushy or nosy - I don't usually email people and say 'hey, you'd make a great coach', but you stand out :) And I'm not just flirting with you either! Cherrio!"

    Donna Eliassen USA
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    Anita Smithson Empowerment Coach for Teens - USA
  • "Hey Chris, just wanted to let you know that I got the chance to read your book - I really enjoyed it! It is a wonderful book. I know you must be proud of yourself for doing this!"

    Kelly Trowbridge Florida, USA
  • "Chris, where do I start? I was just on the Spinning Blue Planet website and am again awe struck! So inspiring and honestly a pleasure to be able to say that I am a friend of yours. Your paintings on Facebook are beautiful! I have always been a fan of the arts and I fell in love with your talent... then I noticed the info on SBP... so here I am at almost 3am reading and cannot pull myself away from your site! Congratulations on everything! So insanely happy for you! Looking forward to more updates :) A pleasure for sure!"

    Lisa McCrate Model / Mother - Newfoundland, Canada
  • "I am amazed at your service!"

    Arupday India
  • "Thank you so much for this lovely book! It is very appreciated by me."

    Aami Ruth India
  • "I feel like a thief after only paying $29.95! I love the ideas and the writing! It made me think a lot about myself. I will be reading it again tonight."

    Roy MacNeil Entrepreneur - Nova Scotia, Canada
  • "Hey you! I started and I am very glad you kept mentioning it. I needed time to devote to it and this has been a very long week for me. I had a lot of different emotions to sort through... in any case I figured here was as good as anywhere to start. It's great! You're right... I stopped at a point that hit a nerve or something and it brought tears to my eyes. Tears are good, I am not afraid of them like most people; tears come when I am enlightened and moved; here's the part: 'Education of any kind is a success. Never forget that!' I often forget that; I get hard on myself that I'm not working in my field and saving the world one person at a time; but just working where I am. I need to remember I am more than an employee; and I know I am; I know in my heart and Soul and I know I will someday change the world; but I am at rest now, so to speak, finding out which path I want to be on and in the process am working a job to pay my bills. Thanks Chris. I am sure there will be many of these attached. Take care you. Hugs!"

    Rene Dawe Newfoundland, Canada
  • "Hi Chris! I have read your Groovy Articles and 'Gettin Back Into The Groove of Gettin Back Into The Groove'. You could not have explained this any better by saying it would be a kick to the seat of the pants! The truth that lays within this is so much more than an eye opener. So many people allow themselves to stagnate, not realizing they are losing valuable time reigniting their flames. What a great job telling it like it is!"

    Marilyn Blackwell USA
  • "The Groove ROCKS!"

    Pamela Gregory Forgiveness Healing Therapist - Florida, USA
  • "I do not normally read books on philosophy as I always have many other business books that I still have to catch up my reading on. However, when I started reading 'Gettin Back Into The Groove', just to get an idea on what it contains, I got stuck on it and went on reading until the end. Luved it! My reading interests have just be expanded!"

    Tushar Sheth
  • "This book makes me want to be a Groovy person! I love this book. It not only inspires me to want to be Groovy; an individual, authentic and living the best life that I can, it also tells me exactly how to do that. And it does it in a fun, easy to read way. Although this book is for people of any age, I think it should be required reading for young people. It tells you how to become an individual and the best individual you can, to really excel at being you! Encompassing education, physiology, thought, psychology and more, you could read just a bit each day and in a year you would be a much better person for it."

    Jacqueline Garwood Author and Artist
  • "The Groove is a valuable guide to a fulfilling life! It aims to make you aware of how you can lose your vital connection to your 'self' and get it back again. Chris defines 'groove' as your flow, your true essence, the natural place for you as an individual to be to stay in tune and in harmony with your surroundings. Stated another way you might call this state of being as listening to the direction of your soul or in sync with your unique reason for being, where you positively contribute to the universe and the universe positively responds to you. But life's challenges don't always allow for this exquisite connection. So what then? Chris shows how easily this disconnect can happen and how you can reconnect and through self-awareness prevent losing your precious natural flow. An excellent book that many will refer to on an ongoing basis."

    Julia Busch Florida - USA
  • "The Groove is about alignment with your true self. It helps make sense of why we are sometimes distracted from our success and helps you to get back in alignment with your real self. Brilliant insights!"

    Arthur F. Carmazzi Bali
  • "I found 'Gettin back into the Groove' a book that was easy to read but hard to put down. I finished it in just two days. Now the hard part comes... deciding on which member of my family gets to read it next. Gettin back into the Groove can be used for all ages. I can see how it would benefit students in high school and college just to give them a road map on things to think about. I think it is priceless for young new workers so they can make sure they are heading off in their work life in the direction they want to go. As a soon to be retired person, I found that I read and read certain paragraphs since it lined up with what we are going through now. I'd buy this book as a Christmas gift!"

    Julia Simens USA
  • "Excellent experience! Chris really knows how to deliver, plus he is hyper responsive, highly communicative and willing to work together to get the goals met."

    Linda Zander Success Coach
  • "Chris is a super patient person and was willing to guide me if something needed changing.... like 90 times! He was responsive, detail oriented and knows what he is doing! What I especially liked was that from day 1 he was a) invested in my project and b) gave me his honest opinion if things didn't make sense from a business perspective. Great guy, will for sure seek his guidance again and again!"

    Janine Krause Director of Marketing with California Language Academy
  • "It's rare to find someone that communicates as good as Chris! He definitely went above and beyond on delivering the goods. There were unforeseen problems in the beginning for me but he handled those promptly. Many thanks for a job well done! Will definitely use this again. I highly recommend!"

    S. Stafford Niche Marketer
  • "Reading the Groove book has really put a lot of things into perspective for me. Not only did I get to read Chris' book but I also have had the pleasure of really getting to know Chris as a person. He came into my life four months ago, when I was in a really dark place, and since then he has shown me light in so many ways. We are completely opposite people but yet we somehow manage to balance each other out. He has given advice and was my voice of reason when I needed it most, and since reading his book, seeing those words on paper, it all makes so much more sense to me now. I am truly grateful for him, for his intelligent mind and his words of wisdom. I definitely believe everyone needs to read his Groove book, they will not be disappointed!"

    Rhonda Brewer Construction Worker, Grandmother - Canada

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