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I provide my clients and customers with information, tools, and resources which help them balance all areas of their lives so they can achieve their dreams. In doing so I also help people focus on how we can shift the world with the required paradigm shifts to help with sustainability & outgrowing our limited past. Drop me a message at any time... I’m here to help!
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  • If you dream, desire, live with a vast array of emotions, have set upon attaining several goals within your lifetime, or are on an intellectual journey... then the GROOVE is for you!

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  • Book a personal consulting session! There is nothing more effective than a personal, one-on-one coaching session tailored around one's individual or business needs.

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  • The Groovy Project Management 7-Week Coaching / Workshop Program will help you balance all areas of your life around your dream projects and businesses!

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  • As we move into this new age the efforts of many will come together as ONE to design a better, sustainable tomorrow. Our mission is to help with this shift from the old paradigm.

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  • Patience, peace, light, love, meditation, therapy, darkness, harmony, infinity. . . come on in. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tHe ShOw iS abOUt tO bEgiN!

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  • Book Chris for event talks where he will deliver a Groove related presentation to help people balance all areas of their lives around dream projects, employment or businesses.

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Quotes From My Groovers...

  • As a service provider myself I cannot imagine receiving better service! Chris is very skilled, cares about his work and pays attention to details. He patiently went through my requirements with excellent communication. An all around great experience.

    Phil Nicolosi Lawyer
  • I found Chris to deliver with efficiency my requests for recreating my website away from a hard-coded nightmare, my video edits, opt-in form and marketing sequences, website clean ups and more. I am always pleased with his service. If I don’t understand something he takes his time to explain in clear ways through words, graphics, screen shots and other communication forms available to help me get it. He is always very interested in my projects and very accommodating. I want to keep him!

    Meranda Squires Owner of The Lotus Centre

From The Blog...

  • Clear the Path

    There’s a light breaking through, filtering and shimmering, needing a breath of steadiness to help it by.  I am standing there, squinting, hoping for more, blind, yet ready and able…

  • Land Salt

    Dedications to epic proportions, Ohh how a dream can blind opened eyes. Delicate passions post bail as we sail, Free to flow upon the energy tides. Every grasp, every wane…

  • What Matters Matters

    As the past melts away all that is left is how you’ll explore today.  It’s all new and shiny and splendidly gift wrapped for you.  Pull the ribbons, tear the…

  • Hand in Hand

    My trust, my light, my intensity shining insight.  You descended upon my weary head and with understanding opened up your blossoming gifts.  Ribbons tied tight, bright eyes glowing with flight,…