Land Salt

Dedications to epic proportions,
Ohh how a dream can blind opened eyes.
Delicate passions post bail as we sail,
Free to flow upon the energy tides.

Every grasp, every wane flush through the veins,
Pumps the love, the life, all the efforts of truth.
We were once us, another, someone else,
Aliens to the reality stolen since our youth.

These activities, momentous actions,
Quests and challenges commanding destiny,
Comes from trust, the heart of hearts,
From inner strides upon the dark we cannot see.

I ride the waves, surf ’till I drop,
Wax and edge to hang-ten the buffered plank.
My weapon of choice slices, it dices,
And stabs ahead fueled by the dreams I’ve drank.

Forever setting forth, unknown yet confident,
For one knows when one can’t falter.
There’s still strength in one’s breath, in the dive,
Cause not all Mavericks are made of sea water.



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