What Matters Matters

As the past melts away all that is left is how you’ll explore today.  It’s all new and shiny and splendidly gift wrapped for you.  Pull the ribbons, tear the wrapper, smile upon new life instead of spinning on down the crapper.  Loves come and go, others harder than most, but they brought you to here and now and shall remain just a faded ghost.  Right now, right this moment, you are a walking treasure… free from the delusion, free from the clatter.  One foot in front of the other, that’s all it takes, to turn and walk away from mold and disgrace.  Waste your time no more, explore, engage, adore.  There never was nor never will be anything holding you back like before; for all that was, ever will be, and what wants to exist… is always and forever more… quite simply… just your happiness.



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