Hand in Hand

My trust, my light, my intensity shining insight.  You descended upon my weary head and with understanding opened up your blossoming gifts.  Ribbons tied tight, bright eyes glowing with flight, I’m energized with delight.  There was once upon a time a glorious dish to dine and wine as one topped off with a candy treat.  When desserts come and go and when lights dim and wane below the strength of reasoning and togetherness elevates even the slow.  Racing to an’ fro, deliberate and determined we go, for the light at the dawn holds warmth and pots of gold.  Waves may crash and emotions may crush but in the aftermath of this tele-path do we resolve to let it all flow.  A new day is upon us, beckoning blue eyes washed with tears of rain, and what was once a horrid mess will soon become the dance of smiles now blessed… giving those ribbons decorated delights of new insights to evolved loves and reigns.  Every moment is worth their required pains.



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