A renewal is calling to cleanse these scattered ways, opening up the real me allowing He to play.  Through extractions and subtractions and multi-faceted protraction only can an elevation of self-reflection give meaning to today.  It’s upheaval time mixed with a rhyme as I toss out the trash to make room for the cash.  No worries when it’s a soapbox dish of healthy tricks instead of a lawsuit dash!  This gotta go… and that over there too… for they all have a way of holding me back… holding back the real me from you.  Ciao, sayonara, avior… for I bid thee a fine adieu.  Time has moved me on by and no longer do these tedious things catch my eye the same way as that great big pie in the sky.  Shine upon the shadows that linger at my edges.  Open up my hollow box and fill it with letters love has yet to send.  Ship them out only when stamped, for approval accepts renewal and the tasty sticky licking required to cement!  Oh yes it is time to refresh myself with self.  Oh yes it is time to consolidate reason away from doubt.  It’s never been clearer, now that the moldy parts have been picked away.  Yup… it’s about renewing it all from within to without by making the future play in today.



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