The Ridiculous-ness of Reality Projecting

There isn’t a day that goes by in which I am not reminded of this fact, whether I notice it is of my own doing or of another’s doing.  We spend our entire lives searching, experiencing, enhancing our very existence in numerous ways, faithing our path and will to overcome what we need to overcome… learn what lessons need to be learned.  We do this over and over, for we all have our own path to follow, our own mistakes to make, and our own personal victories to gain.

However, in doing so, by living this way we oftentimes project our own path lessons, trials, and tribulations unto others, assuming we know what path they are on, or what they are thinking, or what message they need to hear, or what their presence is supposed to be teaching us.  This is beneficial in an intuitive way as a guide, but, seriously, how many times do we let life slip on by because we project a reality for ourselves that is contained in personal comfort?  How many times do we assume we know what is best for us, if, in actual fact, we are projecting something that we ASSUME is what is needed?  More often than not that projection is the furthest from the reality of the true situation, but we accept our own creation as fact and move on, finding comfort in our own “divine” gifts.

Time and again I come across people and situations that form our lives based on what their own personal choices and conditionings have determined is best for them.  No two people are alike.  No two experiences are alike.  They may share common traits but no moment in time and space is ever repeatable or alike or experienced the same way… UNLESS WE ALLOW THEM TO BE.  In other words… we force ourselves to evolve based on our own desired comfort levels.

This causes such a huge division amongst humanity, invisible yet visible if you have the ability to step back from your own thoughts and emotions and just observe.  It’s there, in everything, and projected from everyone… from government right on down to personal relationships.  We exist in an illusion of our own making, content in our own vast “intellect”.  This double-edged sword is painful to comprehend, as our defensive instincts are finely honed for a reason.  But, on a grander scale, it’s ultimately limiting and depressing.

Free will is our gift, but what really is free will for us when not many can master it?  What steps must we follow when there is no such thing as steps to follow to begin with?  To ponder over the illusion we ourselves invent is an enigma wrapped in a blanket.  To prevent the illusion from totally clouding reality is a whole other story we each must face, observe, and exist within.  Until then the illusion persists, assists, or dismisses.

What reality do you allow?



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