Clear the Path

There’s a light breaking through, filtering and shimmering, needing a breath of steadiness to help it by.  I am standing there, squinting, hoping for more, blind, yet ready and able to explore it like a sightless middle-aged new born.  Bring it on, shine before dawn, and cleanse those unwanted attractions from my vibrational frequencies.  I choose to rise, for I have seen the sadness of the fall.  I choose to share the bright, for there are others waiting for my smiles.  I am holding momma Earth and we are rising with the in-between.  I am laughing at the brilliance of our invisible go-ings.  Hear me scream without a sound, for this mental ability is free and no more clinging to the low shall tempt me.  I see the path, for it is now lit by the light.  I am watching the clouds separate, watching the signs point the way of insight.  I am drawn along it effortlessly, for it is me… and I’ve always known the way.

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