The Adapting of Adaptation

Be present, be aware, be the person you need right now and here.  Be the sensation of what you send, for in that moment of magnetism is when Heaven descends.  There is a oneness in all desires, from her to him and from he to she.  Mirrored, blurred, waxed and assured.  Define, align, be one with the sky and inside.  Peace within forms peace without and takes upon its embrace an evolutionary, whimsical, sensational end to drought.  Adapted grace supports a face of many to hold, to confuse, to refuse, to love.  All are one, all are fine, all live their path of reality through multi-colored light.  Shine bright, shyne to regain thy sight.  Shy inside to shy from lies.  Shyne.  A soapbox castle of tassels sway to an’ fro from one to another when together is limited by the unlimited movie projected confused.  All is as it is and will be perfected with ease when the adaptation of adapting adapts for the inept.



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