The Burst

Feel the density giving ‘way… absorbing the wonders of energy transitioning beyond time and space… pulsating the essence, bending the rules… surrounding you with colors and sensual gifts.  Nothing exists beyond the current wave, nothing existed in its wake.  Breathe in its nectar of grateful sweets, it’s treats, it’s soothing embrace of today’s welcoming abode. Flexing muscles happy to grow, purging out the selfish is the way to go.  How many false faces conceive from misguided seeds?  There is only within which can absorb the positive matter, without becomes a clatter.  So much noise when silence beckons thee.  So much confusion turns to frustrations and greed.  Opened eyes see what is there to truly see… opened minds bend like trees in the wind.  An alchemist hides away from fuel leeching demons, refueling for a better time to direct epic reasons.  Why answer to delusion when intrusion is practiced?  Why open up to let in heartless attacks?  Thy path is grand, thy path is strong… so be thy steed set free upon the wild needs and stay.  All that is began this way… all that is shall burst ripe with life and end delays.

“Color Burst” – Oil on Canvas (16″ x 20″)


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