Logical Advancements in Meanings

Is it a memory or a delusion that we find ourselves chasing after?  Is it a showcase of signs misinterpreted that elude the passionate dreamer?  Is it a miracle wrapped up in a logical process that begs to differ?  I don’t know… yet in the same breath I do.  Games are not to be played with emotions, for in doing so everyone becomes a victim.  There is a push and pull with the tide that has settled within our mind’s eye whispering contradictory choices… so many voices.  What of a day where we awake and shower moist kisses, cook a scrumptious breakfast before running along that path of dreams?  What of the crossroads of activities that pull us apart… and what of the intersections that return us to the start?  Where travel meets opportunity and where heartache meets comfort… it’s all supporting adventures… supporting lives asunder.  Futuristic sandboxes of art… equal, yet torn apart.  The past had to happen, for it was a directorial fusion.  The future is unclear, yet fueled by desires and confusions.  The present is muddled in living and being and interpreting serial givings.  I saw glitter and colors and signs all over… but patience and ridicule fight wars stronger than their counterparts.  We are human being human living a Spirit’s love… as we soar like a Dove for a love that never subsides, just trips up.  Is it enough?  I need my sidekick just as much as that side needs me.  Unresolved disclosure tricks and torments the sea.  Matching vibrations along with walking contradictions set like a stick in the mud.  It all makes sense… but then again, what does?  Why does a man have to be the one to sacrifice it all just for a kiss?  Why can’t a voice speak up when it is chained to a hip?  There is logic in structure but the flow could care less.  There are knowings and unknowings, where a friendship should be be-friended.  Clean slates are calling for natural behaviors.  Clean inners become thinners for well developed back doors.  Ohh yes, there is light… but much cloud cover.

Photo by Jessica Tremblay


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