Pushing Out Against The Skin

Glorious!  Glorious!  Glorious energy flowing through these veins, pumping this heart, showing me the game.  I feel it… I feel you… I feel the push from within.  I crazed in a haze and once again you did descend.  Down from the layers and into my heart.  Down from the psycho-matter and into my cells.  They dance and they play and they sense when I need to get away.  Talk to them for they listen to thee… smile for them for they need to also be free.  That’s right… pushing out… push me out… push.  Down through my arms and through my fingers.  Down through my legs and through my toes.  Pop out that skull and twist it around.  My shimmer can’t get dimmer it can only ascend and become a Sun.  There’s no turning back, I’m becoming someone new… someone taking their first step… someone shining liquidy flowing true.  Shedding skin, push again.  Keep on keeping on and become a Love within.  Ohh passion… ohh dreams… ohh life-bearing clean… wash these feet as you pass on through.  Zen… ascend… descend… do it again.  Pushing out against the skin… living… giving… appreciating… magnificent void.  I am your toy… I am yours… I am.  I.


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